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Giol Pinot Grigio No Added Sulphur | 2020/21 | 12.5%| 75cl

Giol Pinot Grigio No Added Sulphur | 2020/21 | 12.5%| 75cl

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 Grape: Pinot Grigio

Region: Veneto, Italy

Style: Dry & Minerally

Very expressive, more nutty and developed on the nose, and with more colour than most Pinot Grigio wines. Crisp and well balanced with creamy peach and apricot flavours, that are deep and clean.


Peachy, Soft


Fragrant and fruity


9 Best Organic Wines – Vanessa Chalmers, ‘When people think Italian white wine, Pinot Grigio spirngs to mind as a popular choice. The French grape is normally grown throughout Northern Italy, and this white wine delight is from the green countryside, San Polo di Piave, where the family have been producing wines since 1427. A little darker than most Pinot Grigios, but still with a delicate and fresh taste, Giol’s doesn’t have any added sulphur for the hangover-prone. The sweet tones of peach, apricot, and nectarine pair well with light dishes such as salads, shellfish, or vegetarian. When first tasting, it’s very smooth, but leaves a lasting taste. This was the office’s second favourite.’ December 2016 (2015 vintage)

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