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Metic Merlot (Natural)| 2021 | 13.% | 75cl

Metic Merlot (Natural)| 2021 | 13.% | 75cl

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 Region: Chile

Grape: Merlot

Very fruity, red berries blended with some herbs on the nose.  Great wine on it's own or paired with lighter meat dishes

The Metic wines are made for us by Luca Hodgkinson: a French/English/Spanish expat, who consults for many wineries in Chile and has his own business sourcing grapes from sustainable and in many cases organic vineyards. They make the wines with less manipulation than one would expect at this level. Metic was the term used in Ancient Greece for a foreigner living in Athens that contributed to the cultural and economic life but did not have the same rights as a true citizen. This wine was inspired by famous song ‘Le Métèque’ by Georges Moustaki and led Luca to call this wine Metic.

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