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Kamara Estate

Nimbus Ritinitis, Kamara Estate |2022|12.5% (Orange, Natrual)

Nimbus Ritinitis, Kamara Estate |2022|12.5% (Orange, Natrual)

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Region: Thessaloniki, Greece

Grapes: Asssyrtiko

Wine Style: Orange wine


A Greek wine made in the Retsina style. Stavroula Kamara creates this cloudy, energetic orange made from Assyrtiko, a grape that grows primarily in volcanic ash soils and was capable of resisting the wine blight of the early 1900's. This wine is then infused with the resin of Aleppo pine trees which lends a sweet note and likely gives this its intense nose.

Herbal and vegetal notes in the palate, with an intensive expression of bergamot and kumquat along with resin and thyme. Balanced acidity with a fruity and herbal feeling in the long-lasting aftertaste.

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