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Sam Smiths

Sam Smiths Organic Lager |5.5%| 55cl

Sam Smiths Organic Lager |5.5%| 55cl

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Region: England

Style: Lager

Made by a small, independent brewery in the Yorkshire countryside, this is the ideal lager to drink at a party! With a 5% ABV, this 55cl bottle provides a hefty dose of top-quality British beer. The lager has a clean, pale yellow colour, and a beautifully foamy head with real staying power. A whiff of this lager gives you the refreshing scents of malt, and the beer strikes the right balance between bitter and sweet. You get the flavours of both malt and hops. The Vienna malt used in the mash gives the brew strong toffee notes in the finish, but the fruity flavors are noticeable as well. Definitely a brew for any beer lover!

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