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Aubert & Mathieu

Suzy - Chardonnay (Un-Oaked) Aubert & Mathieu (Organic) | 13% | 2021

Suzy - Chardonnay (Un-Oaked) Aubert & Mathieu (Organic) | 13% | 2021

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 Region: Languedoc, France

Style: Med-Bodied 

Grape: Chardonnay 


Certified Organic Wine, a symbol of purity and elegance with a touch of roundness. Chardonnay from Pays d'Oc, it reveals delicate aromas of citrus, apple and peach, perfect for a convivial aperitif. Each cluster, bathed in sunlight, benefits from a mild climate and rich soil which results in a round and harmonious wine.

Pair SUZY with a charcuterie board, hummus or sea bream ceviche for an ideal taste experience.

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