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Tragolargo Moscatel Malvasia (Natural, Orange) Low Sulphur |2021| 13% |75cl

Tragolargo Moscatel Malvasia (Natural, Orange) Low Sulphur |2021| 13% |75cl

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 Grape: Malvasia

Region: Valencia, Spain

Style: Dry & Crispy

Low Sulphur

The Tragolargo Moscatel Malvasia, by garage winery Vinessens / Finca Casa Balaguer, is an orange wine made with a blend of Moscatel and Malvasía, certified organic. This wine comes from the region of Alicante in South-East Spain, where Moscatel grapes thrive.

The appearance of Tragolargo Blanco is cloudy, with a bright amber colour given by the short skin contact of the grapes during maceration. The aromas are amazing and really show the best of thee two grape varieties.  I could smell chamomile, apricot, melon, nectarine - I could go on. Very fruity and also a little floral, even slightly funky. Flavours that equally reveal themselves on the palate to but the wine is dry, delicious tannins and rapier acidity, making this a fun, tasty and fantastic value wine.

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